After requests for larger companies to extend services to Lafayette went unanswered, a majority of Lafayette’s population voted to establish Lafayette Utilities System in 1896.

For almost 125 years, LUS has remained a citizen-owned utility governed by the Lafayette City Council.

Since 1897, Lafayette Utilities System has expanded wastewater facilities to support Lafayette’s increasing needs. LUS maintains 4 wastewater treatment facilities, 14 liftstations, 9000 manholes and more than 634 miles of collection pipe.

The LUS Pretreatment program oversees the permitting and compliance of Industrial Users who discharge their pre-treated, non-hazardous wastewater into the LUS wastewater collection system.

For approximately 50 years, LUS has provided high-quality biosolids for local farmers use. The landfarming program has exposed local farmers to the beneficial reuse of biosolids while earning positive recognition from the EPA and DEQ.

Quality is important to us! LUS goes above and beyond EPA and DEQ regulations taking extra steps to ensure that the way we collect and treat wastewater water throughout Lafayette meets our high-quality standards.