After requests for large electric companies to extend electricity to Lafayette went unanswered, a majority of Lafayette’s population voted to establish Lafayette Utilities System in 1896. Since then, LUS has successfully navigated the changing energy market to effectively respond to Lafayette’s rapid growth and increasing power generation needs.

For almost 125 years, LUS has remained a citizen-owned public power utility governed by the Lafayette City Council.

As a public power utility, providing reliable service at low-cost to customers is our top priority. Recognized as Reliable Public Power Provider by the American Public Power Association for thirteen years, LUS customers experience shorter and fewer outages than any other community in Louisiana.

LUS operates the T.J. Labbe and Hargis-Hebert Electric Generating Stations in Lafayette along with ownership interest in the Rodemacher Generating Station in Boyce, LA. As a member of MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) since 2013, LUS supplies Lafayette’s power through the purchase and sale of power generation on a real-time energy market. MISO is the collaborative effort of a diverse group of industry participants spanning 15 U.S. states who focus on reliable and cost-effective power generation.

Our work to efficiently and safely power Lafayette’s homes and businesses doesn’t stop at the electric generating station. LUS maintains over 1,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines connecting Lafayette to the energy that powers life. Regardless of weather conditions, LUS lineworkers work tirelessly to keep Lafayette connected.