LUS Projects

Updated as of March 9, 2023

LED Street Light Project

LUS is replacing existing 21,000 street lights with LED lights. The LED street light project will improve nighttime traffic visibility and roadway safety, reduce electric consumption, decrease maintenance costs, and create possibilities for “smart city” functions. The project is estimated to save the city $500,000 to $800,000 a year.

• Project cost – $8,750,000
• Start date – began April 2022, anticipate completion in 18 months
• Progress – View LED progress

Moss Street Substation

Construction of a 69/13.8kV substation capable of serving a large portion of the load on the north side of Lafayette to reduce load on existing Peck substation and allow future expansion in this area. Benefits will include increased reliability and reduced restoration times during outages and maintenance. Project was initiated and budgeted in 2005 with substation location acquired in 2015.

• Project cost – $5,500,000
• Start date – begin construction Summer 2023, anticipate completion in 8 months
• Progress – Design 90% complete

Northeast Transmission Line

As part of the Moss Street Substation project, transmission lines connecting to the new substation will supply power to the area through the new Moss Street Substation. Transmission route was finalized in 2020 and anticipated pole design completion will be early 2023 with a contract awarded that year.

• Project cost – $8,975,000
• Start date – begin construction Fall 2023, anticipate completion in 14 months
• Progress – Design 70% complete

Downtown Sewer Lift Station

LUS plans to construct a major sewer lift station and force main to provide additional sewer capacity for downtown and the surrounding areas as well as mitigate overflows. The lift station will supply additional sewer capacity to serve approximately 2,000 residential units.

• Project cost – $10,000,000
• Start date – bid May 2023, anticipate completion January 2025
• Progress – 0%

Commission Boulevard Water Treatment Plant

The plant will be able to process 4 million gallons of water per day and will have a ground storage tank with 1 million gallons capacity. The plant implements an ultraviolet light system paired with a chlorine gas process for disinfection. Commission Blvd is the 1st plant in Louisiana to use a new technology of biological filtration paired with a green sand filtration process. The plant is currently online and supplying water to the system.

• Project cost – $12,119,000
• Start date – began July 2021, anticipate completion March 2023
• Progress – 98% complete

South Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Handling

The expansion of the South Wastewater Treatment Plant will accommodate additional wastewater treatment to keep up with area growth. New pre-treatment units and associated facilities will allow this plant to more efficiently route wastewater flows and are projected to reduce sludge handling costs.

• Project cost – $8,482,000
• Start date – began April 2021, anticipate completion March 2023
• Progress – 99% complete

Ambassador Caffery Treatment Plant Headworks Rehabilitation

Project to repair, rehabilitate, and coat the deteriorated concrete headworks basin. The concrete has deteriorated in some parts due to hydrogen sulfide exposure. The basin is necessary for processing and treating wastewater. (This project is partially funded by an ARPA grant from the Water Sector Program.)

• Project cost – $434,000
• Start date – Bid July 2023, anticipate completion July 2024
• Progress – 0%

Elan Lift Station

Installation of a new sewer lift station at Elan Subdivision (E. Broussard Rd and Kaliste Saloom Rd). The lift station and force main will replace an existing community treatment plant serving the residential subdivision and school. The force main will discharge to a new LUS large gravity sewer on Kaliste Saloom Rd for final disposition at Ambassador Caffery Wastewater Treatment Plant. (This project is partially funded by an ARPA grant from the Water Sector Program.)

• Project cost – $809,490
• Start date – Bid May 2023, anticipate completion September 2024
• Progress – 0%