Biosolids are an Excellent Fertilizer!

What are biosolids?

Wastewater is treated at LUS’s four wastewater treatment plants. The treatment process uses naturally-occurring microorganisms to break down components in the wastewater to a level suitable for discharge. The microorganisms result in an accumulation of solids referred to as sludge. The sludge is then removed from the wastewater and undergoes further treatment and stabilization to become biosolids.

For approximately 50 years, LUS has been using land application (landfarming) for the beneficial reuse of its biosolids. In landfarming, the biosolids are hauled from the treatment plants and applied to a farm pasture where it is utilized as fertilizer for hay production and cattle grazing.

LUS maintains three landfarming sites in Lafayette Parish permitted by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. This successful program helps farmers cut down on the amount of commercial fertilizer purchased due to this complimentary program.

Through the years, LUS has received a number of awards related to its landfarming program and has an excellent reputation with the EPA and DEQ concerning this program. LUS believes in the environmental benefit from the landfarming program and is committed to providing a high level of quality in this program.