Report an Outage or Service Issue

For customer service questions, please contact Customer Service at 337-291-8280.

Utility Issues

Call the numbers below to report these specific outage or service issues, available 24/7:

• Report a Power Outage: 337-291-9200
• Report Water Problems: 337-291-5740
• Report Wastewater Problems: 337-291-5750
• Report Street Light Problems: 337-291-5700
• Report Tree Limbs Over Power Lines: 337-291-5711

Non-Utility Issues

Drainage, traffic signals, streets, tree limbs in the right of way or another non-utility issues? Report non-utility service issues online at or call the appropriate number below:

• Building, Plumbing, and Electrical Permits: 337-291-8461, Planning, Zoning, and Codes
• Report Tree Limbs Over Sidewalks/Streets: 337-291-8517, Public Works
• Drainage/Clearing Streets of Tree Limbs During a Storm: 337-291-8517, Public Works
• Report Traffic Signal Problems: 337-291-8568, Public Works
• Garbage Information: 337-291-8529, Public Works
• Recycling Information | 337-291-5637 | Public Works
• Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up | 337-806-2000 | Republic Services