Freezing Weather Tips


  • Wrap exposed pipes outside and underneath your home (if above ground) with insulation
  • Cover outdoor faucets
  • Disconnect and drain any outside water hoses
  • If you will be away from home, it is suggested to turn off water at the hand cut-off valve, which is normally located 2 feet from your water meter, and drain pipes
  • If you have a pool, make sure your main pool pump is running 24/7 to prevent pipes from freezing


  • Protect water pipes that run through the attic
  • Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors under sinks, especially if along an outside wall, to allow heat to circulate around uninsulated pipes
  • Maintain a home temperature of no lower than 55 degrees
  • LUS asks that you not drip/run water from your faucets as it can affect water pressure system wide

After the Freeze

  • Do not attempt to thaw pipes with a torch or flame
  • Thaw pipes with heat from a hair dryer or hot water
  • Inspect pipes after thawing for any leaks
  • Be on the lookout for water in unexpected areas, as this may indicate a leak or busted pipe
  • Monitor your home’s usage after the freeze for the next five (5) days with your LUS online account at