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Fiber - LUS Powered Network (linked)

Lafayette Utilities System Already Has Proven Fiber Value

Despite all of the positive benefits of building a fiber community, residents of Lafayette still need reassurance that Lafayette Utilities System can be trusted to provide reliable high-speed bandwidth and quality customer service. What the public eye doesn't see is that LUS has already done just that.

For the past three years, LUS has supplied a fiber optic infrastructure with high-speed capability to wholesalers and local government on its SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) ring. LUS has built a high degree of trust and offers competitive prices to its wholesalers everyday. Plus through these wholesalers - providing services such as data storage, networking, hosting, monitoring and security - the public can openly see today the advantages that are possible through the value-added technology by using the services themselves.

WOW Technologies, a current wholesaler, uses the LUS high-speed fiber optic Internet access to position itself as a single point of contact for voice, data and Internet solutions for local and nationwide customers. Without this fiber ring, owner Ashton Langlinais says his company would be severely limited when it comes to his clientele. Through LUS, however, there is no limit to what his company can do.

WOW Technologies now airs live webcasts at the Cajundome for conventions and event goers. Oil and gas companies have high-speed surveillance for their properties due to the huge amounts of bandwidth, and when it comes to education, St. Thomas More High School's fiber optic connection from the wholesale marriage between WOW and LUS has saved the school a significant amount of money. Hockey fans can even see the IceGators live from their computers through WOW Technologies - all thanks to the LUS fiber optic ring, Langlinais says.

According to Chuck Vincent, president of Global Data Systems, a business technology solution provider and wholesaler of LUS, the fiber optic network currently saves his business a substantial amount of time and money and he has come to rely heavily on the utility company's fiber optic expertise. He says it is also vital for Lafayette to adapt to the growing reliance on high-speed technology nationwide so businesses such as his and the community can continue to reap the benefits together.

“To absorb and use the technology on the market today, we need fiber optics and fast connectivity, and we need this high-speed connection for both business and personal use," Vincent says. “I truly believe that if we don't implement fiber optics into the community, we will be behind the fiber optic power curve."